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Italy & beyond through the eyes of Jonathan Clancy

I love everything Jonathan Clancy does and you know it (you must remember my talk about both his own project His Clancyness and his band A Classic Education) so a while back I asked him if he wanted to participate in this project and he gladly accepted the challenge!

Now as you might notice, something seems to have gone wrong with the photos… From what were 26 shots (if I remember well, there about anyway) only 13 seem to have actually turned out well. There were just no other photos on the negatives which I found very odd. I’m afraid there’s always a chance something goes wrong with a cheap disposable camera so that must’ve been what happened.

Anyway, you can see the shots that came out well underneath but I’ll let Jonathan provide some info first. I asked him where and when they were taken and most of them were in Italy (where he lives). First one is Jonathan in front of his Bologna HQ, then two shots from a show in Genoa, Fred from A Classic Education on the road and then shots from the Adriatic sea in Ravenna and the beautiful Garda Lake.
Oh, and if you see part of a body that looks feminine then it’s most definitely his photographer girlfriend Giulia.


To accompany looking, listen to A Classic Education’s most recent song Baby, It’s Fine:
A Classic Education – Baby It’s Fine [mp3]

Like A Champ

Forget about Like a G6, here’s Like A Champ:

Like A Champ is the b-side to His Clancyness‘ new single What Fury Can’t Say, out on 7″ through Japanese label Sixteen Tambourine Records in April.

I have a soft spot for everything mr. Clancy does and this proves once again why I have. Very good, very beautiful. I’ve said it before but I’ll gladly say it again: he has such a lovely timbre. I could probably listen to his voice forever and still not get bored with it.

Something worth noting also, is the artwork done by a Polish girl called Aleksandra Niepsuj. That alone is reason enough to buy it. Expect a full feature on her in the near future.

Pre-order here.

Musical Crush no. 9: Wild Nothing & His Clancyness

Here I am sitting on the couch, all fuzzy headed from going to bed late last night. I’m feeling a little lost and I don’t know why. It’s not particularly a bad feeling. It is good to know though that there are 2 artists who can accompany me while I feel like this.
I’m not in much of a writing mood so I’ll keep it really short and (too?) simple. Sorry about that.

The first one is Wild Nothing. Wild Nothing is Jack Tatum. Wild Nothing makes dreamy tracks that I feel may become the soundtrack to this summer. His album Gemini is really amazing. His music oozes nostalgia.

Listen to: Wild Nothing – Chinatown [mp3]

Then comes His Clancyness. I think His Clancyness is more fitting for colder weather but his tracks are just as dreamy and beautiful. His Clancyness = Jonathan Clancy, a Canadian living in Italy. At first I didn’t really think he was anything special but his music totally grew on me after a few listens and these last few weeks I keep going back to it when I’m laying bed, about to fall asleep. I really love the timbre of his voice.

Listen to: His Clancyness – Memories Are Made Of This [mp3]


I hope you will like these as much as I do.

PS: this will be my last update/post for more than a week because on Monday I am leaving for Berlin and I won’t be coming back till the 5th of July. Enjoy your holidays and the sun!