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Last Sunday I visited Paris and had a beautiful day there. Cause I’d already done all the tourist attractions (some multiple times) I thought I’d look for stuff I didn’t know about yet.  And so I finally took a look at Hermine Van Dijck‘s Paris journal. Hermine is a textile designer who makes some truly wondrous stuff and is now residing in Paris for her internship.

And so I discovered about 104, an arts centre of sorts in the 19th district of Paris. As you can tell from the outside photo, it is one huge enormous building and houses lots of different spaces. I don’t think we got to see even half of it, that’s how gigantic it is.
104 houses a bookstore, secondhandstore, café, restaurant, practice spaces, modern museum and more. It’s aimed at everyone and, unlike a lot of similar initiatives, it actually attracts all sorts of people.
The atmosphere is cosy, grand and no-nonsense. And you can actually get a pretty cheap, decent meal at the café. And all of that in Paris! Who’d have thunk it? Not me, in all honesty. A truly unique space (even just for the architecture), I felt, and most definitely worth a visit.


Last three photos by Jean-Louis Zimmerman

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  1. So nice that you went to 104. Also a nice thing, on saturday and sunday morning you can follow kind of ThaiChi lessons in the central hall of 104, for free !! It’s really lovely !

    December 22, 2012

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