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Good Vs. Evil Magazine 3

Some time ago the kind folks (well actually it was just one person called Daniel) of Good Vs. Evil Magazine sent us an email asking to promote their latest issue, number three with the theme Man vs. Mescaline (mescaline being a recreational drug, coming from a cactus). Of course we want that! It’s important to support young illustrators and dito zines. Independent zines can never get enough of attention if you ask me.

Good Vs. Evil was born June 2008 when Daniel was working on an art collab with Hiromi Nakajima on the theme Good vs Evil. He liked the name so much it grew into a magazine and then earlier this year he also started his blog which has some very interesting features and interviews.
Now the third issue has come out (for a while now, I’ve kept this post for too long) and it’s looking sweet as ever with work from – among others – Dan Has Potential, Brecht Vandebroucke, LL Cool Jo and Jon Vaughn. These names don’t ring any bells? That’s normal, Daniel wants to put young artists under his spotlight. Get a quick look at it here (fantastic soundtrack also, the song along is worth the watch):

Man vs Mescaline? Where did that come from?
The theme came from reading Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley and also Daniel was listening to a lot of 60′s psychedelic records.  He was thinking of having the mag like a real bad trip. Like a bad trip that you want to get out of. He also always use a VS theme as life is really that battle between opposing forces (be it interior or exterior).

I scribble too, can I be in the next Good vs. Evil magazine?
Daniel always have an open policy to submissions. He asked some people individually and then sent word out via flickr, his blog etc that people can submit. He always shows the work of A LOT of artists, take a look at the full list here.

I think these versus themes are really original and inspirational, different from the themes you normally get in magazines. Also, Daniel is a very nice person with a heart for artists and if you have a heart too you should go and get the magazine! It’s only 5 pounds 50 and for that price you get 84 pages of perfect bound illustrational work by 40 artists! DO IT DO IT DO IT and I (and Daniel probably too) will love you forever!

Indie zines for the win!

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